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Confluence Consulting is the consultancy trading arm of Tweed Forum, providing a wide range of ecological and project management services to both private and public sector clients.  Tweed Forum is at the forefront of Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) and over the years, it has built up a track record of working with land managers to achieve practical works that deliver multiple benefits. 

The consultancy draws upon the range and depth of expertise of the Forum staff, many of whom are fully CIEEM (Chartered Institute of Environmental and Ecological Management) accredited. We have many years experience of working in the Borders and North Northumberland.  We have a long record of delivering successful environmental programmes with local farmers and land owners. 

All proceeds from the consultancy go towards the charitable objectives of Tweed Forum in enhancing the river and its catchment.

Individually tailored services are offered at highly competitive rates:

Agriculture, Forestry & Land Use:

  • Agri-environment scheme applications - the entire process, from the initial on-farm or site visit, through to the completed application is undertaken.
  • Native woodland planting applications and design plans - the consultant can offer advice, design woodlands, draw up the plan and complete the forms.

Habitat Management and Species Advice:

  • Phase I Habitat surveying and mapping
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – Ecology Section
  • River corridor surveying and management
  • Pond design and management
  • Wetland enhancement
  • Wildflower grassland management and creation
  • Hedgerow management
  • Farmland birds and mammals
  • Invasive weed surveying and monitoring

Protected Species Surveys & Mitigation: (ie as part of a planning application)

  • Otter surveys
  • Badger surveys
  • Water vole surveys
  • Breeding bird surveys

Other Services:
Our in-house staff can also undertake the following:

  • Environmental project management
  • GIS Mapping and surveying using GPS
  • Providing aerial survey footage using a remote controlled drone
  • Input to environmental education and training programmes
  • Advice and assistance with fundraising and project development

Key staff include:

Dr Derek Robeson MCIEEM CEnv:
Derek is a Borderer who has been working in the field of land management advisory provision for over 20 years. Derek spent 15 years as a Senior Conservation Advisor with Borders Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG). He went on to work with Scotland’s Rural College as a Conservation Consultant before joining Tweed Forum. Derek has a broad range of knowledge of land management issues and has worked with the Borders farming community on many land and water management projects which have delivered significant environmental enhancement. Derek’s main roles within Tweed Forum are to; assist Scottish Borders Council with stakeholder engagement as part of the Land Use Strategy pilot, to promote natural flood management techniques, and raise awareness of integrated catchment management and environmentally responsible farming practices.

Hugh Chalmers MCIEEM worked for many years at Borders FWAG before moving to Borders Forest Trust.  He has a good working knowledge of farming systems and a deep knowledge of the wildlife of the Borders and further afield. He has detailed knowledge of river restoration and natural flood management techniques, as well as having designed and planted many new native woodlands. He is involved with school and college education initiatives.

Luke Comins (BSc, MSc) has a background in fisheries and integrated catchment management and has worked in the Borders for 20 years.  He has developed and overseen a large number of ambitious and important restoration projects covering all aspects of the natural, built and cultural heritage.  He also inputs to a number of Government policy groups concerned with land and water management.  He has a good understanding of the fiscal environment and building viable funding packages.

Emily Iles (BSc Hons) comes from a farming background in Oxfordshire and has a passion for agriculture and British wildlife. Emily has experience in project management and fundraising, invasive species programmes, educational initiatives, fisheries surveys (including electro-fishing and barrier removal), GIS, agri-environment scheme support and stakeholder engagement. 

Alex Baillie (BSc Hons, MSc) was brought up in the Borders and has a background in environmental science.  He coordinates GIS and mapping work.

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