Catchment Management Planning

Tweed Catchment Management Plan

In November 2003, the Tweed Catchment Management Plan (TCMP) was launched.  Developed in partnership with the Tweed Forum’s members and a wider stakeholder group, the TCMP identifies what the collective issues, priorities and potential solutions are for all aspects of the Tweed catchment. The TCMP covers a broad range of issues from tourism and recreation to flood management, water resources and habitats and species.

The TCMP is a dynamic, operational document; identifying issues relating to the use, improvement and protection of the Tweed’s water resources and, more importantly, setting out clear objectives, with specific actions to meet them.

The original TCMP was published in 2003.  Reflecting the dynamic nature of the document, and the importance of evaluating the delivery of the actions and objectives it sets out, it has been reviewed in 2006, 2010 and 2015 and updated to reflect relevant changes and developments. During these reviews, a summary of progress towards acheiving the TCMP actions has been published, in addition to an updated TCMP document.

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